Parliament to investigate if China will takeover Mombasa port

Members of the Parliamentary Investment Committee during the press conference PHOTO COURTESY
Nairobi, KENYA: Parliamentary public investment committee has vowed to investigate the conditions under which Kenya Ports Authority was put as a guarantor of China loans offered to Kenya.
In a media briefing at parliamentary buildings, Chair of National Assembly PIC committee, Abdul Swamad Sharif Nassir said that the committee will investigate circumstances under which KPA ended up as a guarantor for Chinese loans to Kenya.
He said that the committee must take responsibility and investigate that issue to make sure that the KPA is not under threat and headed into the China control which might be a replica of Zambia investments.
“Is KPA standing at a threat of going, those are threats that are there it doesn’t mean that  KPA  is going, it is our job now to try and find what exactly transpired until KPA ended up being a guarantor,” AbdulSwamad said
“A country like Zambia, Zambia Broadcasting corporation is being operated by the Chinese that is to say that something like KBC being operated by the Chinese.These are threats that are ongoing in countries that are near us.”He added
On the issue of Kenya Airways taking control of Kenya Airports Authority, the chair said that they are concerned over the matter following the fact that KLM controls Kenya Airways which is a foreign entity.
 He argued that such a partnership is detrimental, as the job market might undergo mass job losses and the country might lose control of key investments to foreign entities.
“Why should an entity that incurs huge losses be allowed to take over something like an airport, so many factors that are at stake the issue of Jobs, we want to find out who are the actual owners of Kenya Airways.what is the percentage of KLM .”He said
“what is KLM putting on the table, what is there to stop, one day being told that Kenya Airways is no longer operating from Kenya that it has to operate from another country.”He quizzed