Middle age man jumps off Nyali bridge

The busy Nyali bridge,A man has been rescued after attempting to commit suicide at the Nyali bridge PHOTO COURTESY

A man who jumped off Nyali bridge has been rescued alive.

The man who is believed to be in his 40s shocked Mombasa residents using the Nyali Bridge after he decided to jump off the bridge in what is believed to be a suicide attempt.

The 10 am incident left many wondering why the man chose to take his life on valentines day even as the reason for his motives remain unknown.

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According to Lorna Wanjiku, an eye witness who spoke to Baraka FM the man  was heard saying

“I want to kill myself” before plunging into the Indian Ocean.

Onlookers at the scene debated that the young man is a skilled swimmer since he managed to keep his head above water after jumping in the ocean.

The man was retrieved 100 meters away from the shore which is in the deep end of the ocean.

Mombasa student jumps off moving ferry in attempted suicide

The man was rushed to Coast General hospital by Red Cross officials with police stating that they have launched investigations into the incident.

The number of suicides and suicide attempts by people plunging into the Indian Ocean at Nyali bridge has been on the rise .

Last week yet another man died after jumping into the ocean at the exact same spot.