More trouble for Bahati as artist accuses him of being a thief

Gospel singer Bahati who has been accused of being a thief and a fraudster PHOTO COURTESY

The drama surrounding gospel singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati does not seem like it will end anytime soon.

This is after one of his close associates’ gospel singer M4J accused him of being a thief, fraudster and a lier.

M4J who claims he housed Bahati when he was a struggling artiste in a long post  says that the mama singer started changing when he became famous and often disregarded those who helped him climb up the ladder.

The singer who is behind the song bado nangoja which was uploaded on 4th of March  however, M4J claimed that  Bahati and his crew later stole the song and had it recorded by Bahati’s Congolese signee Rebecca Soki who was unveiled to the public in April last year.

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M4J claims he complained about the violation to bigwigs in the gospel industry who warned him not to speak and Bahati went to an extent of calling him and warning him to keep off.

This prompted M4J to report the violation on youtube and that resulted in Rebbeca Soki’s song being pulled down from Youtube and Soki  was later chased away from EMB.

“I felt bad for Soki who was later chased away from EMB from Burukenge,” M4J wrote.

However, the singer has accused Bahati or working to get back at him after the incident and had several of his media tours canceled and someone

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The singer also claims that the mama singer owes him close to 200,000 shillings which he has not paid him upto date.

M4J who also owns a branding company says the money was for Tshirts his firm printed for Bahati for his album launch at the Nairobi Pentecostal church and the EMB Jesus new year’s party in 2017 and Bahati has been dodging him since then.

“When Bahati was launching his Album He needed Tshirts Printed to be sure 150 t-shirts, the launch was at NPC valley road. so i stoped doing some of my clients Job to help a brother, a son, Since it was me, He sent Mutua who is also my Son a Very Disciplined guy, a member of BONEBREAKERS by then KINGS OF DANCE ARENA, for those Who attended Jesus Night can 2nd this. So i did the Tshirts with 30% paid, i went to my Pockets and made sure this Ninjas launch was going to be successful. i delivered the tees on Time and i was to be paid after the show, (Bahatis Album Launch)  The day of the launch i appeared bouncing happy for my guy, Upon arriving on the gate i met this lady very rude and shes like M4J tumeambiwa usiingie, omg!! waaaa ??‍♂ i got so mad and i almost caused a brawl, Mutua came from the thin air and was like “hey thats M4J let him inn,” Show was Packed full to brim so i was sure Leo Pale Mathare hatulali Njaa, After show bahati was nowhere to be found, He disappeared like Railas Votes 2007”.

M4J who is currently living in the US and grew up with Bahati has further claimed that the singer duped the public into thinking he grew up in a children’s home but the truth of the matter is that Bahati lived with his elder brother Kyalo and when he passed away, Bahati went to live with his two sisters.

This comes just a few days after another artiste David Wonder left EMB records.

Bahati has not yet commented over the latest allegations.

However, in an interview with Ebru TV last week, the singer said that what was happening was ‘Gods plan’.