Suspects in Kamto’s murder to remain in custody for another two weeks

Three suspects involved in the murder of former Kilifi Deputy Governor Kenneth Kamto. Their case will be mentioned on the 18th of February./COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: The suspects in the murder of former Kilifi Deputy Governor Kenneth Kamto will have to spend two more weeks in custody for lack of lawyers.

The suspects who appeared before Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda for their bond ruling will have to remain in custody until they are accorded lawyers.

“I do not find it appropriate to proceed without the first and second accused persons being accorded legal representation as mandated by the law,” said Magistrate Shikanda.

The case will be mentioned on the 18th of this month after the accused have been accorded lawyers.

“Consequently, I suspend my determination on the application by the prosecution and direct that the matter be put to the attention of the pro bono committee for purposes of appointing an advocate or advocates for the first and second accused persons,” he said.

“Once the advocate has been appointed, either party shall be at liberty to revisit the matter,” he added.

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Two of the suspects are facing four counts of robbery with violence charges.

Shikanda also noted that there was a problem with the charges as they did not indicate whether the violence occurred before or after the robbery.

The former kilifi Deputy Governor was shot dead in the wee hours of 12th December, 2018 in his Nyali home.

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Three suspects were arrested in connection with the murder on the 4th of January this year and a mobile phone stolen from the house-help during the murder recovered.