Rift deepens further between Mr Seed and Bahati

Bahati , Diana Marua , Mr Seed and Nimmo during happier times PHOTO COURTESY

Mr. Seed has confirmed the real reason for ditching EMB records was Bahati’s move to call police on his girlfriend.

Speaking in an interview with a local station Mr. Seed confirmed that his pregnant fiancé was humiliated in front of her parents after Bahati called out police on her for selling coffee to the audience that had attended the 31st December event dubbed EMB Jesus Party.

Mr Seed had told the radio station that he only performed at the event because his fiancee mother convinced him and that the drama left him a very frustrated man and he had to retreat back to the village after the incident.

He later took to twitter to offer some advice to his followers on respecting women.

“I respect her so much and if I have never disrespected her no one can do that. Advice: Never allow anyone friends or whoever to disrespect your woman kwanza when she is carrying your baby,” wrote Mr. Seed.

However, though Mr. Seed has denied the existence of any bad blood between him and Bahati, a different post shared by Ringtone seems to hint the contrary.

Mr Seed leaves EMB records after Diana Marua clashes with his fiancee

The show’s promoter identified as has claimed that Bahati has refused to pay Mr Seed the monies he owes him from the performance.

“Bahati this is Mutua. I am writing to you through Ringtone’s account because mine is inactive. The reason am writing to you is because you owe Mr. Seed money from his performance on 31st Dec which you’ve refused to pay. Remember that the money he is to use to pay for his wife’s hospital where she will be delivering,” read in part the long text by Mutua.

Mr. Seed has since then gone solo setting up his own studio Starborn Empire and dropping his first single as a solo artiste dubbed Dundaa.