Stinking hole worrying residents of Marikiti in Mombasa

A matatu drives past the hole near Marikiti market./Kennedy Baraka

Mombasa, KENYA: People living and doing business around Marikiti area in Mombasa are fearing for their health because of a strong smell due to an open sewer with stagnant smelly water .

Residents fear that the hole, which is opposite a slaughterhouse, might have serious health repercussions in the future since most food is sold there.

Ali Shek, chairman of the slaughterhouse near the whole, said they have raised concern with the County government but nothing has been done.

“It all started when there was a blocked drain caused by garbage around the area and I have contacted the county government but they keep giving us empty promises,” Ali said.

Hamisi Bakari, a hawker around Marikiti told Baraka Fm the stench coming from the hole is bad for business.

“It is stinking so bad, I’m losing customers daily since they cannot buy my food stuff, the hole contains sewage and domestic wastes,” Hamisi lamented.

Abubakar Hussein, a matatu driver said the government should find a solution to the problem as picking and dropping passengers in the area has become difficult.

“It’s the only stage that links roads between Bamburi and Bombolulu to Ferry and Docks So you cannot stand there more than five minutes,” said Abubakar.

Responding to the claims, Engineer Farouk Chiragdin from the area MCA’s office said they have received the complaints and have written to the CEC in charge.

“I can assure you the matter will be sorted out as soon as possible for a lasting solution,” said Farouk.