Lecturers back embattled newly appointed UON’s deputy council

The University of Nairobi .Lecturers have backed the newly appointed Deputy council at the institution PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Universities Academic Staff Union UASU  University of Nairobi Chapter has urged the University of Nairobi Council and all stakeholders to accept and support the settlement of the appointed deputy council by education Cabinet secretary Amina Mohammed.

The leaders lead by Secretary general George Omondi alluded that, the support is for the benefit of students and staff who have continued to suffer from the wrangles witnessed between the top management in the university and the Ministry of education.
” In the recent past, the University of Nairobi has suffered as a result of operating without a council and poor relationship between the top management and the ministry of education,” said Omondi.
It’s in this regard that the union wants the appointment of DCs to be given necessary instruments and logistics support to immediately assume duty.
Mr. Omondi argued that the ministry of education neither broke the law or contradicted policy with respect to this appointment since, the union job ended after advertised, interviewed and recommended the names for appointment to the ministry.
 ” The appointment of the council to many of us was the beginning of a new path for the institution,” he added.
The secretary-general added that the university has been undergoing under financial challenges that require immediate and priority attention from councils.
Last week, Education Cs appointed, prof M. Jama as deputy counsel for finance, planning, and development, Prof W. Ongara as DCs for human resource and administration, Prof J. Ogengo DCs for Academic affairs and Prof L.Njenga DCs for research, production, and Extension.
The appointment was protested by the focus of council and senior management for not following the law.