Kenyans data collection program by government to cost Sh 6 billion


Nairobi, KENYA: Once again the government is set to collect personal data of all 50 million Kenyans across the country which will cost six billion shillings.

In a media briefing in Nairobi interior principal secretary, Karanja Kibicho said that the exercise will require all Kenyans to give the government all personal information which includes full names, place of birth, where one resides, parents names, Marital status, level of education, business and employment status.

Other details include an identity card, NHIF, NSSF numbers, details of passport and driving license.

“We are creating and putting zero ground so that we can have 50 million Kenyans to come and validate. “Kibicho said

Kibicho said that the exercise is set to help the government in planning, enhancing security across the country and harmonizing all data of one’s details in one pool, for easier identification.

He pointed that the pilot of the exercise will commence as from 15th of February in 15 counties capturing 40 sub locations before embarking a full-fledged exercise scheduled in March consequently running for 45 days.

“From 15th of Feb, we will pilot in 15 counties and 40 sub locations .”He added

Kenyans are supposed to fill forms manually which will be distributed to sub chiefs across the country while others will be filled via online portals.

He dispelled fears that such data is ill intended in the manipulation of elections also for discrimination on tribal bases, adding that the government will secure online data from hacking instances.

He added that all is set as the procurement of required materials which will be used in the exercise have been secured.