Stakeholders push to have counties increase health funding

Matungulu mp Stephen Mule and Rosemary Mburu Executive director of WACI Health ,leading other health stakeholders in a press conference in Nairobi PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA: Stakeholders in the health sector want county governments to increase their funding to health in a bid to avert health crisis witnessed in the counties.

In a media briefing in Nairobi on Friday, Matungulu legislator Stephen mule and Maureen Murenga of lean on me foundation ,said that there is a need for county governments to increase the funds in bid to  uphold the universal scorecards, whereby governments across the world are supposed to set aside 15 percent of their total budget to the health sector.

They said that health is a fundamental constitutional right to every Kenyan and there is a need for governments to prioritize it in a bid to attain developmental goals.

The executive director of WACI health Rosemary Mburu said that Kenya’s funding to the health sector is below par as per the universal standards whereby, it stands at 6.29 percent.

“Kenya is at 6.2 percent, instead of 15 percent. Countries must put in 86 dollars percent per on each person. But we are doing 23 dollars”Mrs. Mburu said

Civil society for malaria elimination coordinator Olivia Ngou said that in order to sustain the health sector there is a need for political will and domestic funding.

They added that Kenya should participate fully in global funding’s health kitty in order to benefit from the fund.

The fund in partnership with governments, private sector invests 4 billon dollars a year to support HIV  and Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria epidemic programs across the world.