Ruto to pay Sh350m for Weston Hotel Land

DP Ruto's Weston Hotel,Ruto could be forced to pay upto sh 250 million for the hotel land PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Deputy President William Ruto could end up paying more than Sh350 million for the land on which his Weston Hotel stands on along Lang’ata Road, Nairobi, following recommendations by the National Land Commission.

A professional land valuer, Mr. Waweru Maina, told a local publication that an acre of land in the area goes for Sh220 million.

Weston sits on 0.77 hectares (equivalent to 1.7 acres).

“The principle that applies is that the bigger the land, the lesser the value,” he said. “If an eighth acre goes for Sh1 million, an acre will not be Sh8 million, but less. Therefore, an acre in that area costs Sh220 million, then 1.7 acres will cost roughly Sh350 million.”

However, the NLC has recommended that it undertakes fresh valuation on the land before a final figure is sent to the DP for settlement — that is if the DP agrees to the NLC’s findings

However, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) — the complainant in the case — has signaled its intention to appeal NLC’s decision. This can only take place in a full court hearing.

“It will mean going forward that somebody can just grab public land and allege that he or she is an innocent purchaser, and thereafter decide to compensate, which is wrong,” KCAA lawyer Cyril Wayong’o told a local publication.

Interestingly, a report prepared by the NLC on the status of the land says that conspiracy of silence between officials in the Lands ministry and those from KCAA led to the loss of the land.