National schools in Tana River struggle to recover lost glory

Tarasaa secondary school in Tana River which is one of the schools struggling to recover their lost glory PHOTO COURTESY
Tana River, KENYA: Secondary schools in Tana River are struggling to recover their lost glory.
This was after the county recorded a mean grade of  D- in last year’s KCSE results with two national schools scoring a mean grade of D.
Hola boys secondary school and Ngao Girls school which are both national schools got 3.412 and 3.320 points respectively.
 Kipini secondary school from Delta which is a county school was the top scorer with a mean grade of D with 3.488 points.
Tarasaa High school which  gave educational light to several prominent people  including the former head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet, the late Fares Kuindwa,  High Court of Kenya  judge Justice George Dullu,  former state house Comptroller Hylosop Ipu, former Permanent Secretary Wellington Pakia Godo and former Deputy Director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Amani Komora too has not been spared.
The school is hanging low on its feet after scoring grades that have completely changed its name.
While the cause is not yet known, locals have been pointing fingers at the poverty levels in the county which they say have discouraged many from seeing the importance of education.
Over the past years,Tana River schools have recorded poor enrollments of as low as 50 percent.
Hola boys national school by the last end of last week had received 51 students out of expected 160 students while Ngao girls received 71 students out of 144 expected ones.
According to a newly transferred education director, Mr. Lawrence Kiruntimi the situation is to be partly blamed on the lack of self- confidence among the locals towards their own schools due to the poor performance.