Kwale parents urged to concentrate on education than weddings

Children running to School. PHOTO: GOOGLE

Kwale, KENYA: Parents have been urged to prioritize their children’s education rather than chanelling all their energy in attending wedding ceremonies.

Speaking during the official opening of Mekaela academy at Kombani area in Kwale county, Matuga member of parliament Kassim Tandaza said most parents have prioritized weddings making them abscond their responsibility to educate their children.

“We have our priorities upside down. Its January and parents are supposed to concentrate on taking their children back to school with the form ones reporting to secondary schools but most of the parents concentrate more on weddings and entertainment at the ceremonies, this way we will never move forward,” he said.

He said parents spend much time and money in wedding contributions and dare not to raise school fees during fundraising ceremonies.

Tandaza insisted on good cooperation between teachers, parents and students to improve the poor academic performance being witnessed in most schools in the county.

“It is through education that your children will get jobs and fight the poverty in the area therefore parents have a responsibility to make sure that their children go to school,” he said.