Hussein Dado’s era debts still haunting us, Dhado Godhana

Tana river governor Major Dhadho Godhana during his swearing in.The governor has said that inherited debts are still paralyzing operations in his county PHOTO COURTESY

 Tana River,KENYA:Tana River County governor rtd. major Dhado Godhana has said that his county is still reeling from the effects of debts left by his predecessor Hussein Dado.

Speaking at a ceremony at Mikinduni on Wednesday, the county boss said that contrary to reports doing rounds that his government had blocked payments of debtors, his county is still conducting an audit of all debtors.

The county boss told residents that the last government of his predecessor Hussein Dado had alot money in circulation but benefited nobody in the county except those in higher ranks in the government.

“Now they are blaming this government. That is why you hear them saying that last government had money, did you see the money?  There was not! The money is that they embezzled , some funds were used in building houses,” said the governor.

Inherited debts paralyze health operations in Tana River

Ghodhana has said  the county is working on a mechanism to seal loss of funds.

His  predecessor left a debt of over two billion shillings of which according to the Mr. Godhana has dragged them behind schedule in performance.

Last year, health operations in the county were paralyzed, a situation which the county blamed on a debt of sh 500 million which the department was owing to suppliers.

This is according to the health executive Mwanajuma Haboka Hiribae who had spoken during an opening ceremony for the Tana River County Assembly in June.

Ms Mwanjuma had expressed fears that the department might not implement even a single development project because of the debts .