Bizarre stories that headlined the region in 2018

David Charo who had swallowed a toothbrush in April showing an X-ray conducted on him at the Coast Provincial General Hospital PHOTO COURTESY

2018 like any other year has not been any short of bizarre and sometimes heartbreaking incidents in the region.

Stories emanating from strong beliefs in superstition, assault scandals and tables turning made headlines in the region in 2018.


Mombasa Women rep Asha Hussein made headlines in June 2018. This was after a county traffic marshall accused her of assault and causing her bodily harm.

The victim Mayasa Hassan said she had been controlling traffic in Majengo area of Mvita sub-county when the Women rep accosted her for obstructing her motorcade leaving her admitted at the Jocham  Hospital in Kisauni Subcounty.

Asha who is serving her first term in office was later arraigned in court denying the charges before Mombasa principal Magistrate Julius Nang’ea.

Mombasa Women rep Asha Hussein charged for assaulting county officer

A few weeks earlier in the same court premises, a magistrate surprised many after he opted to buy lunch for a suspect who had been brought before him.

Senior principal magistrate Henry Nyakweba handed a hundred shillings note to the suspect Ms Everlyn Obera for lunch after realizing she had not eaten for five days owing to her speaking in low tones during cross-examination.

She was in court on charges of fraudulently receiving sh 9,000 from Haluloa Charo in Miritini area on 11 May 2018 claiming that her bank account had been blocked and she needed the money to go an unblock it.

Mombasa magistrate buys lunch for ‘hungry’ suspect

A few months after Ms. Obera had the charges against her thrown out, A Nigerian national AbdulHakim Akibanditawo was left stranded in Bamburi after his Kenyan girlfriend allegedly spiked his drink and stole all his money and travel documents.

The married man had allegedly flown into the country to meet his girlfriend when the incident happened just a few months after his fellow countrymen were arrested in Mtwapa on allegations of impersonating the Kilifi senator Stewart Madzayo in a bid to con unsuspecting citizens.

Nigerian man falls prey to Kenyan Woman, left stranded in Bamburi

Not far from where the Nigerian nationals were arrested, a man found himself in a life-threatening situation in April after swallowing his toothbrush while brushing his teeth.

The 20-year man David Charo, had been brushing his teeth in Panziani village, Ganze sub-county of Kilifi when the toothbrush slipped from his hand down his throat.

Charo underwent through an endoscopic procedure to remove the toothbrush from his stomach at the Coast Provincial General Hospital a few days later.

Man admitted in a Mombasa hospital after swallowing toothbrush

A stone throw away from the hospital, a 30-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly broke his mothers arm.

Vincent Wambua is alleged to have attacked his 89-year-old mother who had barred him from raping his elder sister who is mentally unwell.

The 89-year-old mother had caught the suspect trying to remove the clothes of his sister.

Likoni man breaks mother’s arm in attempt to rape sister

At almost the same time, the Kilifi county public service board’s willingness to investigate defilement allegations against its staff members was questioned.

This was after one of its staff John Kazungu, a  protocol officer was accused of defiling a 14-year-old primary school girl and aiding her to procure an abortion.

In a county where activists are trying to battle child defilement cases,Kazungu had refused to heed police summon forcing police to issue an arrest warrant against him.

Kazungu was later arraigned in court however, the case is currently stalled.

This was after Kazungu who was released on a bond of sh.500,000 two similar sureties refused to heed court dates with reports which Baraka FM could not independently verify indicating that he had escaped to Tanzania.

Kilifi county protocol officer on the spot over child defilement allegations

A few months later, villagers in Kikambala a few kilometers down south began predicting that the biblical rapture was near after one of them found a praying mantis with a ‘666’ symbol.

The villagers streamed into the compound of Edwin Mwendo in Kikambala to view the insect.

Religious leaders who also streamed into the compound to conduct prayers advised him to discard the insect.

However, a defiant Edwin had seemingly found a new pet after he choose to feed the insect while locking it inside a transparent bottle.

Praying Mantis with a ‘666’ symbol surprises Kilifi residents

At almost the same time, a man in Takaungu village  17 kilometers away had been finalizing on preparations to confirm if the occurrences in a continuous strange dream he had been having were true.

Kahindi Lewa whose teen son had died in 2015 following a fatal road accident had been having dreams that the body of his deceased son had disappeared from the grave where he was laid to rest.

In a bid to confirm that the occurrences in the dream were false, Kahindi conducted an exhumation ceremony.

Kilifi family exhumes body of kin over strange dream

While Kahindi had been having the continuous dream, Mourners in Baharini village of Lamu county were busy clashing over a burial site.

The ensuing drama saw the body of the deceased, 18-year-old Damaris Kanini whisked back to the Mpeketoni hospital mortuary on the day of the funeral.

Kanini’s family had agreed that she was supposed to be buried at her husbands compound however her family backtracked on the agreement arguing that it was not right to bury her there because she had just been married for 8 months and her husband had not yet paid dowry for her.

Drama at Lamu funeral as mourners clash over burial site

Hardly had the dust settled when another scandal engulfed the same mortuary.

This was after another burial called off after kin who arrived at the hospital found the body of their 92-year-old family member missing.

The body of Deasi Wanjira had been handed over to another family in a case of mistaken identity with the family causing a scene outside the hospital and terming the incident as a bad omen.

Drama in Lamu mortuary as body of 92-year-old goes missing