Tana River county retirees refuse to leave office

Tana River retirees refuse to go home./COURTESY

Tana River, KENYA: Tana River county government retirees have refused to leave office saying that they were not prepared.

According to the county employer vice chair Milka Karhayu, the staff claim they are not ready despite being aware of their retirement dates.

“You should always be aware of your retirement date so that you start saving money, or building your house to prepare for your retirement,” Milka said.

“The behavior is not appealing because every month when receiving your pay slip, is it not indicated on it? It’s not interesting at all to refuse to retire,” she added.

Meanwhile, the employer has complained about employees dressing code saying many of the workers come to work while in open shoes and unofficial dress code.

She said the dressing code was degrading the county government, promising to have changes effected next year.