Business on the low even as many throng ‘Pirates’ beach for Christmas

Tourists throng Pirates Beach for Christmas./Rose Stegall

Mombasa, KENYA: With Kenyans traveling to different places to celebrate their Christmas in style, many thronged Mombasa’s Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach commonly known as ‘pirates’ to mark the festivities.

Kenyans throng Pirates Beach for Christmas celebrations./Rose Stegall

Mombasa has seen an increase in number of tourists this festive season in both local and international tourists, running away from the winter abroad, visiting the coastal city.

Revelers at Pirates beach on Christmas day./Rose Stegall

Meanwhile, vendors at the beach claim that despite the numbers, business has been slow.

A vendor selling fried cassava and crisps at the beach entrance./Rose Stegall

Aisha, who sells refreshments ta the beach blames the slow business turn out on the recent demolitions of stalls by county askaris.

A vendor selling water and soft drinks./Rose Stegall

“Since the commotion, people are afraid to come here,” she said.