Tourists flock Diani Beach to celebrate Christmas in style

Tourists having fun at Diani beach during Christmas festive season.Tourism stakeholders in Malindi have expressed optimism that the international market will pick up in November BRIVIAN SIMIYU

Kwale, KENYA: Tourists flocked Diani Beach on the eve of Christmas to ensure their holiday kicked off in style.

With many running from the winter abroad, most international tourists chose Diani as their destination for Christmas and they were not disappointed.

As the adults were enjoying the Serene environment, children had a treat from Santa.

Santa Claus entertaining and giving children gifts on the eve of Christmas day at Piri Pirie hotel in Diani, Kwale county./Brivian Simiyu

Edward Pirie who was playing the role of a Santa admitted says he enjoys doing it.

“It really feels good to see children excited to receive gifts from Santa. A number of years ago we did this event at forty thieves and over 100 children attended. One time Santa arrived by a parachute and it was fun for me and for the children,” he said.

Catherine Robertson a director and co-owner at Piri Pirie hotel affirmed that tourism sector has gradually improved.

“Tourism sector could definitely be better when good structures are put in place and it not only needs support from government but also from police, security all round and people,” she said.

She further raised alarm on the rising cases of insecurity along Diani beaches saying that most tourists have opted to stay indoors for fear of being robbed.

This comes amid arrest of two suspects said to have been terrorizing residents of Diani and stealing from tourists who reside within the area.