Cruise ship with 648 tourists docks at Mombasa port

Ms Nautica cruise ship that docket at the Port of Mombasa with 648 tourists on board./COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa County has received a major boost in the tourism sector after cruise ship with 648 tourists on board arrived at the port of Mombasa.

Ms Nautical from Seychelles docked at the Port of Mombasa 6am and is expected to depart for Zanzibar at 7pm.

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The director of communication at Mombasa port Hajji Masemo said that this is the first cruise Ship to arrive in the Country during this tourist season which began in September.

“We have received the first cruise and on board are 648 tourist and 400 members of the crew, 85 tourists have already traveled by air to Amboseli national park as the others tour different historical sites in Mombasa,” said Masemo.

Masemo further said President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to launch Cruise passage terminal at the port of Mombasa in August which will help to boost tourism in the Country.