89 rapists and drug peddlers nabbed in Lamu in 2018


Lamu, KENYA: Police in Lamu have arrested and successfully prosecuted at least 89 rapists, child defilers and notorious drug peddlers in 2018.

This is according to an end year performance and evaluation report released by the Lamu security department on Thursday.

Speaking at the Mkunguni Square during the official release of the report, Lamu County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said a total of 29 rapists and 60 drug peddlers have been arrested and charged since the beginning of the year.

He singled out Langoni, Gadeni, Wiyoni and Kashmir areas in Lamu Town as well as Faza, Kizingitini, Tchundwa and Mbwajumwali in Lamu East as being the most notorious for drug peddling in the region.

The report indicated that the rape and defilement cases are more rampant in diverse areas across the region and that the biggest challenge was the fact that the community is normally not willing to speak when such incidents happen.

Kanyiri said a massive crackdown on drugs is still on and that more suspects are expected to be arrested before end of December.

The most peddled and used drugs in Lamu according to the report are Heroin and Marijuana.

Of the 60 drug peddlers arrested,9 were found in possession of Heroin while the other 51 had Marijuana.

“The crackdown targets all renowned hotspots for drugs plus the users of these drugs who will in turn lead us to whoever sold them the drugs after which both will be prosecuted.We are now aware that our biggest problem is Marijuana and heroin,” he said.

Kanyiri however said those who surrendered to police will be considered for a lenient sentence.

The commissioner also warned parents and members of the public to refrain from resolving child defilement cases at home.

“This issue of people defiling children then offering to settle such matters at home with parents of the victim is very unsettling. We must be a community that condemns any sort of harm on our children. We want such people surrendered to police so the law can teach them how children and all those affected ought to be treated. You should be ashamed if you are the kind of parent who would dine with a person who just defiled your child and destroyed their life,” said Kanyiri.