Public urged to step up in fight against corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the Jamhuri day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi./COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the public to cooperate with the government to fight corruption which is affecting the country insisting on his commitment to end the menace.

He said that to curb the menace, there is need for the public to report corrupt tendencies touching on government officials especially in places where they reside.

“Those engaging in fraud and abuse of office, please listen to me keenly: you can run but you cannot hide. We will catch up with you, and make you pay dearly for every coin stolen from Kenyans,” said the president.

“And to you, the people of Kenya listening to my address today, please, it is time for you to stop watching from the sidelines. It is time for you to become active participants in this war, it is time for you to say enough is enough, be it to a policeman or a governor, a clerk or a Cabinet Secretary, a judge or a politician,” he added.

The head of state said that the fight against corruption, by involving international front, is on course as part of strategy to minimize the menace.

“As part of our anti-corruption strategy, we have signed bilateral mutual legal assistance agreements with a number of countries in the western world, there is almost nowhere left for them to hide the ill-gotten wealth robbed from Kenyans. Once proven it is stolen money, the agreements provide for the assets to be returned to the Kenya Government” the president said.

He pointed the government’s commitment to cooperate with foreign investigative agencies to counter the dangers of trans-national crimes particularly drug and child trafficking.

“We shall not allow Kenya to be a base of operation for drug lords and our resolve on this matter should not be tested,” the president said.

Turning to the housing pillar, the president said that the initiative is anchored under the Affordable Housing Program that will, among other benefits, deliver 500,000 affordable homes.

“As promised one year ago, we have established the Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company, whose sole remit will be to work with the banking sector and the cooperative movement through SACCO’s, to make available affordable mortgage finance for those wishing to own a home,” he said.