Legendary Tanzanian singer dies after a grisly accident

The scene of the accident in Morogoro that claimed 6 lives among that of singer Jack Simela PHOTO COURTESY

Legendary Tanzanian singer Jack Simela of the group Jagwa Music has passed on.

According to EATV, the singer was involved in an accident on  Saturday evening while coming from a funeral in Morogoro in Eastern Tanzania.

The accident claimed 5 lives alongside that of Jack.

The artist was the lead performer for the 8 piece band group which is the pioneer of Michiriku genre of music which has its roots traced to the poor suburbs of Dar es Salaam.

The music is slightly similar to Chakacha music.

Legendary singer Jack Simela PHOTO COURTESY

The group has performed in Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar and in countries like the US, Germany and France and their last public performance was during the controversial Nyege Nyege festival in September neighboring Uganda.

The group produced several hits among them Kondakta and Mwana wa Kitwana which featured the Kisarawe DC and Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend Jokate Mwengelo as a video vixen.