Editors to attend convention on security of journalists

The Kenya Editors guild members during a past meeting PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA: Media Editors are expected to attend a two-day convention in Nairobi on December 7-8 to discuss issues affecting journalism in the country.

According to Kenya Editors’ Guild chairman Churchill Otieno, the convention seeks to lay bare issues on professionalism, disinformation, ethics, training, and the place of legacy media in the face of intense competition from new media platforms that are seen not only as transformative but also disruptive.

“The convention will focus on among other issues: The future of journalism and media; media regulation and freedom; social media; disinformation; and journalism training. “He said

Editors will also have an opportunity to attend a boot camp to learn more about safety and security skills journalists need in their everyday work practices.

This comes as several incidences of journalists being attacked in the in the country have been documented.

The convention will be held at Villa Rosa Kempinski.