Mo Salah criticizes plan to export pets for food

Mohammed Salah covering his face after Russia scored a third goal during the 2018 World Cup,Salah has critisized a plan by his home country to export cats for food PHOTO FILE

Liverpool and Egypt forward Mo Salah has criticized his government following a suggestion by parliamentarian to export cats and dogs for food to foreign countries.

Mo salah tweeted his photo posing with two cats on Monday asking animal activists to do all they can to end the practice embraced by his own home country.

“Cats and dogs will not be exported anywhere. This won’t happen and can’t happen,” he tweeted, alongside images of his pets which are Siamese cats.

It is reported that last week Egyptian Agricultural ministry approved the export of close to 4000 heads of cats and dogs.

The Egyptian government has since then denied the claims after a clash with animal rights activists in the country.

They have also refused to reveal why and where cats and dogs were being exported.

Switzerland, China, and Vietnam are some of the countries believed to have a section of the population that eat dog and cat meat.

Mo salah won the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award for 2017-18