Kilifi family exhumes body of kin over strange dream

An exhumed Casket.A family in Kilifi county was forced to exhume body of kin over strange dream PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi, KENYA: A family in Kayanda village of Takaungu in Kilifi North was forced to exhume the body of their deceased kin who was buried in 2015 after his father claimed to have been having a continuous disturbing dream.

The exercise that took place in the weekend saw villagers throng to the village to witness the strange incident.

Kahindi Lewa, a father to James Kahindi, the deceased told Baraka FM that since the burial of his son he had been having countless dreams of his son’s body missing from his grave.

Kahindi said that in the dream had revealed to him that the body of his beloved son had been removed by unknown people from his resting place.

The late Kahindi succumbed to his injuries after being knocked by a lorry on 2nd December 2015 at the Mbogholo Bridge.

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Kahindi had just completed his primary school education before he encountered the fateful incident.

“During the incident, my son never oozed not even a drop of blood which is strange as we all know when one is involved in an accident bleeding is a must,” he said.

Tension and doubt had been building up in the family hence Mr. Kahindi decided to conduct the exercise in the presence of his villagers to verify if the body was still in the grave.

“It seemed a bit awkward when I told my family members, relatives and neighbors about my concern,” Mzee Kahindi added.

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After the exercise, the family members who found the body intact reburied in back in his grave.

Selvina Kahindi, a sister to the deceased said that after the exercise, they could now live in peace as they had now ascertained that the brother was resting peacefully in his grave.

“When my father brought up the issue, I accepted just to verify that my brother’s journey of life is over, we are now certain,” she said.