Family of Rwandese killed in Likoni appeals for help 

Rwandese Nationals who are Friends of the deceased outside his kiosk on Monday PHOTO JANET MURIKIRA

Mombasa, KENYA: The family of a Rwandese national who succumbed to his injuries after being hacked by a gang that was revenging the murder of their leader on Saturday in Likoni has called on the Rwandese government, The Kenyan government and wellwishers to help them fulfill their wish of burying their kin in Rwanda.

The deceased Thiobal Bitungaramaya who used to run a food kiosk in Millenuim one area where he met his death had employed three Rwandese nationals.

The family and friends who spoke to Baraka FM on Monday said they have not yet decided on where to bury him as they are not in a position to raise money to transport his body to Rwanda.

Felicien Ndikumana who is a younger brother to the deceased told Baraka FM that his family would love to have him buried in his ancestral land, however, they are not in a position to.

“As it is now we are still confused because my family would love to bid him farewell but none of my family members has arrived from Rwanda. It is not that they would not like to, it’s because its costly to travel from Rwanda” Ndikumana told Baraka FM on Monday.

Two killed,three injured as machete-wielding gangs clash in Likoni

Baraka FM has established that the late Thiobal arrived in Mombasa earlier in the year and set up a food kiosk in Millennium one area which he was running with the assistance of  the three  Rwandese nationals till he met his death.

The late Thiobal who hailed from Gasabo district of Kigali at some point lived with his wife and two children aged 5 and 2 years before they went back to Rwanda.

The food kiosk which he was running has remained closed with visible blood stains, a sign of the injuries inflicted on him during the attack.

On Monday Rwandese nationals living in Likoni gathered in his house in Millennium area of Likoni to deliberate on the way forward.

His friends have described him as a hardworking man.

The deceased’s food kiosk where he met his death. Blood stains can be seen on the walls PHOTO JANET MURIKIRA

Pierre Ndaungasha, a Rwandese national who was employed by the deceased said they had heard word going round the neighborhood on Saturday morning that after the funeral the gang would avenge the death of their slain leader however they did not know their boss would be the sacrificial lamb.

Ndaungasha says he was cooking with the deceased when the gang struck luckily managed to escape.

Rwandese national hacked to death in Likoni gangs clash

“He tried to escape but the gang members got hold of him and started stabbing and hacking him. When the gang left we found him bleeding and we rushed him to hospital after 10 minutes he died.” Ndungasha told Baraka FM.

On Monday six suspects arrested during a police response to the attack were arraigned at the Mombasa law courts where they denied the charge of robbery with violence before Mombasa Resident magistrate Christine Ongweno.

The court ordered the 6 suspects detained till 11th December to allow police complete investigations into the matter.

Thiobal’s body is currently at the Coast Provincial General Hospital Mortuary.