Willy Paul speaks on allegations of being hospitalized


Controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul has come out to deny the allegations of a sexual stimulant that allegedly had him hospitalized at the Mp Shah hospital in Nairobi.

The allegations were circulated by a viral message that was making rounds on social media platforms especially on Facebook.

“Gospel musician Willy Paul rushed to MP Shah Hospital after taking an overdose of sex stimulant drug alleged to be Spedra. Spedra is 10 times stronger than Viagra. The controversial artist was having a nice time with his girlfriend in Parklands Estate” read the message that went viral.

The source of the message has not yet been established.

In a video on his Instagram account, Willy Paul denied the allegations stating that he never thought hate could get to that level.

“Hey Kevo naskia wanasema niko hosy ati nimetumia dawa za ***, honestly hata kama kuna hate haifai kufika hiyo point . But kitu God akisema yes No yako haina power. So huyo mwenye ameniweka hosy Parklands ni nani by the way juu naskia nilikuwa juu ya mtu.  Shame on you. Tafuta njia ingine coz Pozee is here to stay. Utangoja uskie nimeadimitiwa lakini wapi, na nisikupate juu itakuwa fire.  We are going to..acha tu niachie hapo. I think hii mazoeano imefika mbali sana, watu wananitext ati Bro I you Okay juu tunaskia umeadimitiwa..You will see fire” said Willy Paul.

(Hey Kevo. I have heard that its alleged am hospitalized for se**** stimulant overdose. Never thought hate could get to this level. When God says yes nobody can say no. Who is that saying am at a hospital in Parklands? Shame on you. Pozee is here to stay and let me not know you)

Willy Paul has recently been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

After the viral clip of him beating up a girl at his Syokimau residence which he claimed was a reality show they had been filming, fans have recently been trolling him over his new collaboration with Jamaican dancehall artiste Cecile which fans dismissed over the song’s not so gospel lyrics.