Women locked out of KDF recruitment in Lamu again

One of the KDF officer checking a recruit during the exercise in Lamu./Natasha Nema

Lamu, KENYA: Female KDF hopefuls from Lamu have expressed their disappointment and anger after they were once again left out of the ongoing recruitment exercise.

KDF’s Lieutenant,Cornel Paul Aruasa said they had enough lady recruits in the forces at the moment.

“Unfortunately this year we are not taking any ladies from Lamu. We know it’s a disappointment to many but so far we have enough female recruits. But I know things will change in future recruitment,” said Aruasa.

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The ladies who showed up for the exercise, that started on Monday morning expressed their frustrations wondering why KDF had not announced earlier on that no female recruits were being absorbed this year.

“This is my third time and I am so frustrated.I have run on this pitch every single year for the last three years. I scored C plain in KCSE and meet all required standards of weight, height and general body well being, but I have never gotten lucky, every time they tell me they aren’t taking women, I just don’t understand why,” said 23 year old Loice Kazungu.

35 year old Susan Wangui is an NYS graduate, she was also turned away.

“From what I understand, NYS graduates were to be given priority but that’s not been the case. This is the fourth time I am doing this and someone tells me they don’t need more women in the forces, what happened to gender balance during such recruitments. Its not fair that only men get these opportunities and we don’t,” said Wangui.

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Meanwhile, at least 200 young men and women turned up for the recruitment exercise.

This year however,discolored teeth,tattoos and poor KCSE grade saw many fail to join the forces.