Rape suspect blames arrest on dowry disagreement


Mombasa, KENYA: An 18-year-old man who allegedly defiled a teenager in Mombasa has told the court that he only landed in hot soup following a dowry price disagreement between his spouse’s parents.

Mwandaza Jonda on Thursday gave sworn evidence denying two sexual offenses against a 15-year-old girl he allegedly defiled on diverse dates between 10th April and 16th May 2018.

 ‘You honor I was married to the complainant for a month and my family had agreed to pay the dowry to her mother who was an often visitor to my house’ said Jonda.

Jonda further told the court that he came to learn later the complainant did not want dowry price paid to her mother but rather her father.

He said the complainant invited her father to their house in order to negotiate dowry but when her mother learnt about the husbands visit, she reported the matter to a police station before they were arrested and later the complainant released at the said police station.

Jonda’s elder brother also defended him saying they had already discussed with the complainant’s mother on dowry price only to learn later that there was disagreement between the parents of the girl over who was to receive the dowry.

‘What  I understand is that we had not informed the complainant parents before their kin joined our family, but we were ready to abide by culture and pay a fine’ said Jonda’s elder brother.

At cross-examination, Jonda said he did not know the age of the complainant since it was unnecessary.

“Am 18 years old I was born on Wednesday 8th  April but I can’t remember the exact year I was born,’’ he told the court.

He is facing charges of defilement contrary to section 8(1) as read with sections 8(3) of the sexual offense act no.3 of 2016 and indecent act with a child contrary to sexual offense act.

He allegedly committed the at Miritini area in Jomvu Mombasa County.

The court directed Jonda to fill a written submission on 21st November 2018.