Violence for a reality show? Witnesses rule out Willy Paul’s explanation

Gospel singer Willy Paul PHOTO COURTESY

Controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul is finding it hard to convince fans that he was shooting a reality show and was not violent in a viral clip circulating online.

The viral clip shows an angry Willy Paul slapping a yet to be recognized lady before grabbing and smashing her phone on the floor.

The incident took place in his Syokimau residence as curious neighbors came out to witness the confrontation.

In his defense, Willy Paul tried to imply that it was part of his upcoming show an explanation the public is not buying.

“I know most of you have been wondering pozee ni nini manze, mara ni drama, mara ni pesa. It is all about the drama, it is all about the money, it is like this, my reality show, coming soon, [called] the pozze way hehehe mutashangaa.” Willy Paul wrote.

 He went on and said, “It’s all about music, money and drama, but above all God over everything. My new reality TV show #ThePozzeWay #254UrbanLife.”

Neighbors who witnessed the incident ruled out possibility of a reality show shooting since the cast and camera personnel were absent.

“That cannot be a reality show. You can’t beat up someone like that then come out saying you are shooting a reality show. First of all, there were no cameras, no cast crew and the like. That was just pure violence,” a neighbor told one of the dailies.

The neighbor further stated that Willy Paul was known to have fights, different women and loud music in his house causing disturbance to his neighbors.

“The loud music is crazy and everyone from our estate complains about it. Personally because of my children, I once knocked at his door. He did not open but he turned down the volume,” complained the neighbor

Recently, Willy Paul was criticized by the public after he posted a video of himself flaunting loads of cash, a move the public termed too prideful for a gospel artiste.