Ben Pol smitten with Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol getting cozy.The Keroche heiress has unfollowed the Tanzanian singer days after he snubbed Tecra Muigai's funeral PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol and Keroche Heiress and Nero Water CEO Anerlisa Muigai could be an item.

That is if their chemistry on social media is anything to go by.

The two have been making club appearances in a bid to promote Anerlisa’s debut brand Executive still water.

The duo has visited Space lounge, Orynx lounge,Blackyz lounge among others and are soon to make appearances at Kiza Lounge and Bclub.

It is not clear when the deal was struck but a few days before the singer jetted into the country, Anerlisa was seen in Tanzania.

However, the one thing that has stood out between them is their chemistry.

Both of them have constantly been throwing hints with Ben Pol seeming to have gotten smitten with the billionaire’s daughter.

On Tuesday, Anerlisa shared a photo asking her follower to suggest captions for the post.

Ben Pol who had just left the country a few days before commented the photo “ ‘My heart’ followed by two hearts emoji to which Anerlisa responded with a heart emoji.

A few days before Ben Pol had uploaded a photo of Anerlisa on his Instagram account.

Though he did not caption it, the photo sent fans on conclusion mode with many guessing that there was more than meets the eye going on between the two.

However, despite all the hints Anerlisa has maintained that Ben Pol is like a brother to her.