Trouble for gays as Dar es Salaam forms ‘anti- homosexuality’ department


Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA: There is trouble for homosexuals living in Dar Es salaam as the Tanzanian region has formed a department to fight homosexuality in the area.

Speaking during a press briefing on Wednesday, Dar es Salaam regional head Paul Makonda said the department was formed to help in the crack down of homosexuals, those involved in online homosexual businesses and those making sexually explicit videos and pictures.

The department will also help in tracking down online fraudsters using the government officials names to con people.

“This department will ensure Dar es Salaam is peaceful and most importantly has no homosexuals, brothels, and is a city that upholds the dignity and traditions of our country,” said Makonda.

The Regional head also said that gays will be arrested and arraigned in court.

“The gays will be arrested and a special team of doctors will test them. If they mention you as one of their customers you will also be arrested and, according to Tanzanian law, can be sentenced to 30 years or life imprisonment,” he added.

Makonda also warned human rights organizations and other countries that accept homosexuality from interfering saying that in Dar es Salaam, homosexuality is not a human right but a criminal offense.

On the other hand, Makonda has warned Dar es Salaam residents to make sure they delete all sex photos or videos from their phones by Monday.