How about trying your luck on YouTube to get money!!

Dorothy Ooko, Africa PR Lead at Google Kenya speaking at a past event./COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: If you are looking to make money and finding a job has been a challenge, how about you try your luck on YouTube.!

The Google video app has seen a major increase in mobile usage and content viewership in Kenya.

Speaking at an event hosted by YouTube for Kenyan content creators, Dorothy Ooko, who is the Africa PR Lead at Google Kenya, said more and more people were spending time on the internet.

“Over the past year, we have seen impressive growth in Kenya with an 80% increase in mobile usage. This means more people are spending more time on mobile, watching YouTube videos.”

You can earn from your channel through advertisements served on your videos and from YouTube Premium subscribers watching your content, through the YouTube partner program.

All you need to do is: sign in to YouTube, select the account icon, select channel then enable Monetization. After doing all these, follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program terms.

Sign up for AdSense, set monetization preferences, get reviewed (to make sure your channel activity adheres to the YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines).

Ensure that you continue making new content and growing your audience.

4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers will give your channel a chance to be reviewed to join the YouTube Partner Program.

Given that YouTube creates an international platform, this means your content, if good, will attract viewers from across the globe.

According to Google, 60% of channel views come from outside the creator’s home country.

“YouTube attracts a global generation that has grown up watching what they want, whenever they want, on whatever device is closest. Across the world, more than 400 hours of video are uploaded every single minute, with 1.8 billion viewing hours a day and 1.9 billion monthly logged in users. Globally, almost 40% of YouTube’s staggering 6 billion hours of monthly watch-time comes from mobile devices,” read a statement from Google.

Some of the successful YouTube content creators in the country, enjoying over 100,000 subscribers, are entertainment channels including Churchill Show with 584,175, Real House Helps of Kawangware 166,374, Njugush 118,306 and Africha movies with 116,162 subscribers each.

Kenyan Afro-pop band Sauti Sol has around 256,659 subscribers, Otile Brown 120,407, Nyashinski 123,431, Octopizzo 100,982 and Willy Paul with 176,649 subscribers each.