Teachers, candidates ready as KCPE officially kicks off


Mombasa, KENYA: Candidates sitting for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and their teachers are ready for the national examinations which are set to officially kick off tomorrow.

The examination which started today with the rehearsals will officially kick off tomorrow with the mathematics paper in the morning.

In an interview with Baraka FM, Nelson Obianga, a supervisor at Ganjoni Primary school says that all was set for the papers.

“Today being the rehearsal day, all that needed to be done was checking if all candidates were present, the sitting arrangement (if it was per Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) guidelines that require candidates to be seated at least 1.22 meters apart) and if there were any challenges,” said Nelson

“We are working as a team and we are making sure that all candidates are checked before entering the exam room,” he added.

Lucy Gisore, Deputy Head Teacher at  Ganjoni Primary School, told Baraka FM that they are ready for the exams.

“We have 166 candidates and they are all ready for the examination starting tomorrow. The candidates will have special breakfast and special lunch during these three days,” said Lucy.

Gisore also cautioned parents and the candidates from doing anything that would jeopardize these three important days.

” These candidates do not have the financial ability to buy anything, so I would like to caution parents not to be cheated that there’s exam leakage somewhere. let them be patient and have faith their children will do well,” Lucy added.

The primary school national examination will start on Tuesday and end on Thursday with at least 1 million candidates expected to sit the exams.