Floods as heavy rains pound Mombasa

A road in Ganjoni area that has been flooded due to the ongoing rains. PHOTO: WYCLIF OKUMU.

Mombasa, KENYA: Floods have been experienced in several areas in Mombasa following heavy rains that have pounded the area for the past two days.

Most of the roads in the Island had been flooded by mid-Thursday.

The Kenya metrological department had announced earlier that the rain would hit 5 of the six coastal counties for three consecutive days.

According to the alert issued on Tuesday, the rains would kickoff on Wednesday at highs of 30mm but go as high as 40mm on Thursday and Friday.

The counties expected to be affected are Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu and Tana River.

Traffic snarlups were experienced along several roads including along the busy Jomo Kenyatta Avenue.

At the Likoni ferry delays were experienced after as passengers avoided boarding the ferry due to the heavy rains.

Those who choose to board the ferry despite the rains had to put up with being rained on.

Fishing too was affected by the heavy rains.


A matatu stuck outside a rainy street in Mombasa PHOTO VIVIAN MWIKINDU

A spot check by Baraka FM at the Kaa Chonjo-Muoroto fish landing site revealed that fewer fishermen had gone fishing on Wednesday evening.

According to Juma Swaleh, one of the fishermen, heavy rains had made most of them stay indoors.

The metrological department had cautioned marine navigators using small vessels to exercise extra caution due to the presence of winds and high tides.

The rains are expected to continue on Friday.