Security beefed up in Lamu terror prone areas as K.C.S.E kicksoff


Lamu, KENYA: Security has been beefed up in terror-prone areas as the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations kickoff.

This is according to the Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri who said adequate security measures have been taken to ensure KCSE and KCPE candidates in terror-prone areas and those whose schools are located close to the Lamu-Somalia border are well secured so the exams proceed uninterrupted.

Speaking in his office on Monday, Kanyiri said additional security officers have been posted to all sensitive areas including all exam centers and surrounding areas.

The commissioner, however, said the security shall also apply to all other schools and exam centers in the county.

“We have taken enough security measures to ensure our students in terror-prone areas and those in schools close to the Lamu-Somalia have nothing to worry about as they sit their exams. We have deployed enough security officers all across these areas and also to each and every exam center in Lamu. We are confident that exams shall proceed smoothly and we are good to go,” said Kanyiri.

Much of the security has been concentrated in schools in the border areas of  Kiunga, Mkokoni, Ishakani, and Mkokoni.

Kanyiri said enough resources had gone into ensuring the security situation remains as peaceful as it has always been for candidates.

Similarly, the county commissioner has warned that his office shall not take kindly cases of exam cheating and irregularities.

Recent days have recorded increased rumors on plans by various individuals ranging from teachers, parents, and students to leak this year’s exams.

Kanyiri warned that such acts or plans of exam irregularities will not be tolerated in Lamu and warned that any suspects shall promptly be taken into custody and charged.

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education -KCSE examination officially kicked off on Monday with practicals which end on November 1 followed by theory exams from November 5 to 29th.

Similarly, the KCPE) exams commence on October 30.

“We are all set for this year’s national exams.I, however, wish to warn anyone in Lamu who plans to commit any irregularities that we shall not tolerate them. Lamu shall not be part of any bad statistics at least not under my watch,” said Kanyiri.