Voi man escapes death in ‘OLX scam’

conmen Sameer Abdulaziz Kassim and Peter Kavoi Musili after they were arrested./COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: A Voi man on Wednesday got lucky after two conmen pushed him out of a moving vehicle after stealing his money.

Amos Charo Saro had traveled to Nairobi with the intention of buying cheap building materials from people he had interacted with on OLX (a website where people sell and buy used stuff).

According to Charo, Sameer Abdulaziz Kassim and Peter Kavoi Musili, whom he was communicating with on OLX, took him to Westlands, Nairobi where they boarded a vehicle to take him to where the materials were.

They then took his money then pushed him out of the moving vehicle near NIC bank in Westlands.

Lucky for Charo, Joash Ombati, an administration police officer manning NIC bank saw this and hailed a taxi to chase the perpetrators where he recovered sh.400,000 from the thieves.

According to police,Ombati who had been manning a bank was forced to fire at the vehicle in order to catch the perpetrators.

It was reported by Joash Ombati OB44/17/10 at 1340 hrs that he saw a man being thrown out of a vehicle and shouting wezi wezi. He took a taxi which was there and gave chase of the vehicle. He managed to intercept the vehicle at the junction of Westlands and Mpaka road. In the process he expended 8 rounds of 7.62mm from his G3 rifle.”

Police from Parklands police station then proceeded to the scene where they found Charo who claims he had given Sameer and Kavoi sh.732,000 for the materials.

Police also recovered the car, a white KBJ Toyota NZE that Charo was thrown out from.

Sameer and Kavoi are expected to be charged with robbery with violence.