Did Wema Sepetu cover shame of breaking friend’s marriage?

Wema Sepetu in green and Irene Uwoya in orange during a past function PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has once again been caught up in an alleged love triangle.

Just days after unveiling her new man, word has gone round in Tanzania that Wema released steamy photos with her alleged fiance in a bid to cover a story that Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi was preparing to unleash about her.

According to Mange, Wema has a hand in the marital woes facing her friend and fellow actress Irene Uwoya.

Well for starters, Irene tied the knot with rapper Dogo Janja in an Islamic wedding ceremony in Dares Salaam late last year, but less than a year into their marriage, Irene deserted her matrimonial home.

Irene was quoted by Tanzanian media saying that another woman came into the picture forcing her to leave her marriage.

According to Mange’s  who has in the past been engaged in a war of words with Wema,Dogo and Wema met at a party where they had both been smoking marijuana before the herb got the better of them.

Mange revealed that on Wednesday  just a few hours before Wema posted a photo of her new fiancée.

It is well remembered that a few days ago her mother allegedly kicked out her on and off boyfriend Rahur from her house in Dares Salaam.

Irene who was watching the whole drama walked out the open door  thanking Mange over talking about the matter.

However Wema has denied spending a night with her friend’s husband accusing Mange of peddling fake news about her.

Wema has further denied visiting Arusha on the day the incident is said to have happened.

Wema has in the past dated several Tanzanian celebrities among them Diamond Platnumz, Idris Sultan and the late Steven Kanumba.