Wamalwa motion to push election date hits a snag

National Assembly./PHOTO FILE

Nairobi, KENYA: Kiminini member of parliament Chris Wamalwa motion to push election date from August to December has flopped.

The motion hit a snag after it emerged that only 187 members were present in parliament out of a total number of 349 members of parliament.

Speaker of the national Assembly Justin Muturi confirmed that the motion didn’t see the light after failing to attain a threshold 233 members needed to execute it.

Muturi said only 172 MPs had checked in electronically and 15 manually during the Wednesday afternoon session.

Following the defeat Wamalwa said that there is need to lower the 2/3 threshold needed to pass motions, indicating that it has been a tedious affair which requires close attention.

He has been pushing for the passage of the bill arguing that conducting elections in August inconvenienced Kenyans, especially school calendars.