KNUT and TSC clash over transfer of more than 110 officials


Nairobi, KENYA: Kenya National Union of teachers KNUT has condemned Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for forcefully transferring 110 union officials.

This comes even when the retreat between KNUT and TSC on date 1-5 October is ongoing in Naivasha, where they are looking to have an in-depth discussion over the matter raised by the union and the way forward.

Through a letter to newsrooms, KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion noted that it is a breach of the law by the TSC to strip off the official representation in the union.

Sossion argued that it’s a matter of right for the officials of the Union to be retained in their areas of representation according to the union constitution and having been registered by the Registrar of the Trade Union.

“It is thus a very bad faith for TSC to clandestinely transfer the 85 registered elected union officials from their areas of representation and is setting a very dangerous precedent to the operations and survival of the union,” Sossion said.

KNUT also opposed the idea of TSC releasing union officials that are holding parliamentary seats, saying its irresponsible and reckless of them to purport to say that it is releasing the elected officials of the union as an act of promoting a cordial relationship between TSC and the union.

Moreover, the union’s take is that that TSC applied diversionary tactics to evade discussing issues on promotions of teachers which had formed the CORE part of the retreat.

KNUT says it came as a surprise that on the 3rd day of the retreat when they had planned to discuss promotion of teachers, the TSC argued that the issue of delocalization of the union was not on the agenda.

“The irregular and punitive mass transfers and delocalization of teachers by the commission has dismantled family units and the administrative structures of the union,” He complained

He indicated that the commission has ignored the president’s directive of 15 August 2018.