Diaper menace blamed for Mombasa’s drainage blocks


Mombasa, KENYA: Reckless dumping of used diapers has led to blockage of most drainages in Mkomani area in Nyali, Mombasa

 This according to the Center for Water Governance (CWG), an environmental NGO working towards environmental conservation and access to clean water in the region.

Speaking during a cleaning exercise, Mukombe Munga a trainer with CWG, said the used diapers also cause a bad smell to the environment, urging mothers to instead use re-usable nappies.

He also decried the destruction of infrastructure such as drainage systems saying it has negative effects on the environment.

“The government has built a drainage system but some uproot the wire mesh that prevents trash from blocking the sewers”, he said.

The  CWG Executive Director-Victoria Nzioki stated that her organization will ensure youths are engaged in economic activities while safeguarding the environment.

“As an organization, we will assist the youth in getting licenses for collecting trash so that they get empowered economically,” said Nzioki

The NGO also urged residents to use proper dumping sites stated by the county government instead of creating hounds of garbage everywhere.