PLO Lumumba denied entry to Zambia, sent back to Kenya


Renown Lawyer and Professor PLO Lumumba was forced to come back to Kenya after he was denied entry to Zambia.

The Executive Director of the Kenya School of Law, was to deliver a talk on Chinese influence in Africa.

On arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International airport in Lusaka, he was however refused entry before being deported back to Kenya, due to security reasons.

A tweet by Zambia’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya, confirmed the incident.

Lumumba’s planned talk entitled “Africa in the age of China influence and global geo dynamics” followed growing anger at Beijing’s grip on the economy of the southern African nation.

Zambia, which has taken loans from the Chinese government, has been facing many challenges with China proposing to take over the country’s national assets including the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and the country’s national Power firm should Zambia Government fail to pay back its huge foreign debt.