Why maize flour will soon cost Sh 75

A man selects Maize flour in a supermarket./COURTESY

A  2kg packet of flour will soon retail at sh 75.

This is after Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, fisheries, and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary  Mwangi Kiunjuri directed all retailers to sell 2 KG of maize flour at sh.75  with immediate effect.

 In a media briefing in Nairobi on Thursday, Kiunjuri said that the new price has been effected by the government after it emerged that the wholesale prices of the commodity stand at Sh. 65.

He pointed that other factors that have led to such directive are the bumper harvest which was witnessed this year with an increase of the maize by 11.8 percent while and production of the commodity at 20 percent, which translates to 34 million bags produced last year and  40 .9 million of bags produced this year.

He warned that any trader who will sell the commodity beyond Sh. 75 will face the full force of the law.

“Today the cost of a 90Kg bag of maize is averaging Sh. 1,600 which is 50% of the 2017 price. It is disappointing, surprising and unfortunate that this benefit is not being passed on to the consumers.T he position of the government is that the 2 kg UNGA should not retail at more than Ksh 75.”Kiunjuri  said

“Any trader selling at a higher price than Ksh 75 is not only exploiting Kenyans but also taking advantage of consumers.”He warned

Kiunjuri alluded that he is dismayed that even though the commodity’s wholesale price stands at Sh. 65 some unscrupulous retailers sell it  at between Sh. 82 and Sh. 100 a move he said is unacceptable.

“However’ according to a survey conducted by the ministry, we have noted that currently, some traders are selling the maize flour up to Ksh 100 while others selling at as low as Sh. 82.”Kiunjuri said.

He made the announcement after holding consultations with maize millers where it further emerged that they are selling a bale of Unga between Sh. 700 to Sh.800 which translates to Sh. 65 per 2KG packet of the flour.

He added that the directive will be upheld till June next year whereby the price of the commodity will be determined by dynamics of market pressures.