Redsan’s producer wants fellow producers to learn from fight incident

Redsan's and his producer Dr Sappy PHOTO COURTESY

Redsan’s producer Sappy wants producers to learn from his fight with the Badder Than Most hitmaker Redsan.

The producer got into a fight with Redsan on Monday after the latter allegedly stormed in his office.

 The Kenyan King of dancehall allegedly confronted him about his latest album The Baddest master copy which he wanted.

An album that he allegedly hasn’t paid for even after working on it for four years with the Kenya based Tanzanian producer.

That was when Redsan ‘beat’ him.

In an interview on Mambo Mseto Producer Sappy claimed that Redsan had pleaded for forgiveness from him.

Redsan amenipigia simu akasema ilikuwa ni hasira…issue kubwa ni wajue Album ya Redsan ni Sappy ndio amefanya na nataka nijue nafaidika vipi ili iwe funzo kwa producer wengine wajue mtu akifanya kazi lazima apate haki yake. Issues za kupigana sina kinyongo na Redsan na tumesameheana,” 

(Redsan called me and said it was an anger…the important issue is that they should know it is Sappy who produced Redsan’s album and I want to know how I benefit so that it be a lesson to other producers so that they know if they work they should get their rights. In the issue of fighting, I have no hard feelings for Redsan and we have forgiven each other.) Sappy said.

He also wants Redsan to acknowledge his efforts in producing The Baddest, an album that he claims to have produced 95%.