No more ‘Shiro’ in Auntie Boss

Shiro from Auntie Boss. The actresses's marriage has hit rock bottom PHOTO COURTESY

You will not be seeing ‘Shiro’ in the local show, auntie boss, anymore.

Nyce Wanjeri who plays ‘shiro’ in the local comedy show announced that September 18th episode would be her last one in the show.

“Whatever has a beginning must have an end, and so this chapter of Shiro must come to an end to make way for something else, somewhere else,” said the actress in a long Facebook post.

Shiro graced the screens more than 3 years ago as a village girl who went to the city to search for a job. She then meets Vanessa, who has a young son, Kyle, who took a liking to Shiro, making it hard for Vanessa to fire her no matter what types of mistakes she made.

“It will not only be my last episode on the show, but the last time you the fans will interact with me as Shiro. Since I am no longer under the show and the production company that owns the show and the character Shiro, I am required to no longer appear or engage as Shiro. I know I have no control over the millions of fans of the show referring to me as Shiro Warugongo on social media or on the streets. All I am trying to say is I no longer represent the company or the show or the character Shiro, so anything I do or say is for Nyce Wanjeri,” the post continues.

Shiro, who also does plays, was in 15 seasons, which is almost 200 episodes of the show.

She has urged Kenyans to continue supporting local shows.