Man acquitted of terror charges abducted in Mombasa

The Family of Nassir Abdallah Skanda displaying his photos PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: A family in Nyali area is currently looking for their son who went missing on Friday just months after a Mombasa court acquitted him of terror charges.

It is alleged that Nassir Abdallah Skanda was abducted on Friday at 1:00 PM as he was going for Friday prayers.

The family has said the men who abducted him had identified themselves as police officers.

Mr.Skanda was released by Mombasa court after he was found innocent against terror charges.

Skanda had been charged with committing a terrorist act at Reef beach hotel Nyali.

His mother Juweriya Nassir said that 31-year-old Skanda had just reported to his new job earlier in the month.

‘We have searched for our kin for five days, I have not eaten since my son went missing ‘said Nassir.

The family now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to help them find their kin whether alive or dead.

According to Muslim for Human Rights Chief Executive Officer Hassan Abdile, Mr.Skanda had been riding with a friend in a Tuk Tuk when they were intercepted by a saloon car of registration number KCE  141F.