Suspected Alshabaab member arrested with explosive material

A security official handling an explosive in Somalia PHOTO COURTESY

Lamu, KENYA: A suspected Alshabaab member was on Friday nabbed with explosive-making material at King Fahad hospital in Lamu County.

According to the Lamu County DCIO commander Paul Leting the man was arrested near the hospital’s servant quarters and they were still trying to establish if he had links with any of the hospital staff as he is not a staff member.

Police said had credible information that the suspect was in contact with senior members of the terror group.

Last month 10 KDF officers lost their lives after they ran over IED’S in two separate attacks in the county.

Lamu county has been the scene of several attacks blamed on the terror group members who are believed to be hiding in the vast Boni forest which stretches all the way to Somalia from Lamu.

In September 2015, a multi-agency unit dubbed Linda Boni tasked with flushing the militants out of the forest was launched.

Though the unit has conducted several attacks against the militants, soft attacks against police, Kenya Defence Forces officers and residents are occasionally reported with area security forces blaming residents for sympathizing with the militants.