Why 2018 is the year of dance challenges

A screen grab of the Dame Tu Cosita people PHOTO COURTESY

Even before 2018 winds up, one thing is already proving to be true.

2018 is the year of dance challenges.

This is owing to the number of dance challenges that have gone viral thanks to Twitter and Instagram.

Most of the dance challenges emanate from artists trying to promote their new tracks.

However, that has not always been the case as we have seen other challenges like the Lip Sync battle that saw several no-nonsense police departments in the US take part.

Perhaps the most recent dance challenge has been the controversial Drake Keke challenge where Twitter and Instagram users have filmed themselves dancing to Drake’s song ” In my feelings”.

The dance Challenge which went viral helped the hit single maintain the billboard top 100 songs for 7 weeks in a row.

Nicki Minaj and Ciara soon followed with fefe and levels up challenge.

But perhaps the most popular dance challenge has been the ‘Dame tu cosita ” Challenge that has gotten moral police officers criticizing the dance over the vulgar nature of the song’s lyrics.

The song by Panamian artiste El Chombo featuring Jamaican artiste Cutty Ranks had its video getting people immitating the infamous green alien in the video making it one of the most viewed music videos of 2018 at  over 700 million views.

Now a dance cannot be complete without an African touch in it, this is seen in the new trending dance challenge called dubbed #idolchallenge.

The song idol was released last week and features a seven membership boy band from South Korea known as BTS, this K-pop band has made headlines by being the first of its kind to reach the Forbes list of bestselling artists worldwide

In a recent remix with Nicki Minaj, the members of the band are seen to be dancing African pop dance moves popularly known as ‘gwaragwara’.

Here in Kenya, the dance challenges field has been a bit slow when compared to last year where we saw several dance challenges like the infamous Odi Dance challenge.

However with a few months left, there is still more time  for new and innovative dance challenges.