Hearing on historical land injustices kicksoff in Mombasa

Squatters in Kilifi County when they invaded a farm in 2015. PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: The National Lands Commission has begun a hearing to settle Historical lands injustices in the coast region.

The sitting will involve victims of the said injustices appearing before the commission team chaired by Commissioner Samuel Tororei and submitting their complaints.

“The injustice being complained against must have happened between 15th June 1895, when Kenya began to take shape as the country it is today under the British, and 27th August 2010 when we ushered in the new constitution. Complaints after 2010 are supposed to be resolved within the structures of the new constitution,” said Tororei.

The commission will be in Mombasa, Taita and Kwale counties on Tuesday and Wednesday then proceed to Kilifi County on Thursday and Friday to hear their complaints.

“In Mombasa, Kwale and Taita Taveta Counties we have at least 37 cases, but we are not sure of the figures in Kilifi County. Countrywide, we are dealing with 497 cases,” Tororei added.

One of the cases heard on Tuesday was; the Utange Lamkani Village Squatters who are fighting for a 135 acres land in Maweni, Utange. The land was allegedly auctioned in 1970 without their knowledge and is now being contested by more than 20 interested parties.