Tana River county to resettle flood IDPs in cheap housing program

Tana Tiver Governor Dhandho Godana PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River,KENYA: Tana River county government will spend two billion shillings to resettle persons displaced by floods in the county through a Cheap Housing Program.

Speaking to press on Friday, county governor Rtd. Major Dhadho Gaddae Godhana said his government came up with the program to help the affected to have permanent and safe villages.

According to the county boss, the government already identified four safer places in every sub-county where the housing is set to be done.

Flooding season affected residents in most parts of Tana North sub- County and Tana Delta Sub- County.

“We identified four points where the government is planning to build houses for the floods displaced people in the entire three Sub-counties,” the governor said.

“My government has introduced a program called Cheap housing program where we will build the houses in villages and those villages we shall also build ECDE centers, ablution block, dispensaries and water collection points. The houses will be just normal; a house with iron sheets and a floor,” the county boss continued.

Mr. Godhana was addressing the media in a function to celebrate one year since he took office where he said that since he came into power tribal conflicts have reduced in the county.

Despite the peaceful year, the governor stressed that cholera has been among the challenges that dragged the county government back which was against its will to development.

He mentioned the floods to be a gift to residents and also a disaster, saying many families have been in camps for long compelling the government to come with the program make them secure.

The governor said county special team had a sitting on how the IDPs would return to their normalcy, and that when the program idea was proposed.

As the program to secure the families is expected to be implemented, the county government is shaping its urbanization agenda to have a well-organized housing system.

The urbanization plans will lead to reshaping of the villages to IDPs who are still living in camps into a well – planned housing system.