Fans attack Bebe Cool over mocking rival Bobi Wine’s situation

Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool and his rival Kyandondo East legislator Bobi Wine PHOTO COURTESY

A section of Ugandans have attacked Ugandan dancehall artiste and Gagamel president Bebe Cool over mocking the situation of his bitter rival Bobi Wine who currently a guest of the state on accusations of treason.

It all began when Bebe Cool who is a close ally to  Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni posted a picture of himself and the president on his Facebook page before commenting #FreeBebeCool on the picture something that did not go well with fans of Bobi Wine.

Ugandan comedian Salvador was among those who were rattled in the wrong way and he termed the hashtag as a total mock telling Bebe Cool to feel ashamed for joking with the advocacy of freeing Bobi Wine.

“Everyone has a right to express what they feel, but be mindful of what you express coz it might not go down well with the Masses, Bebe Cool has the right to be silent coz regardless of what he posts, he will still be ridiculed, but at the same time when he decides to write or say anything, let him be mindful about how he does it, the #FreeBebeCool hashtag is a mockery to the many concerned citizens who are fighting for a brothers Justice, the inhumane treatment our brother Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been subjected to brought tears to many of us, unless you have no soul, to make a mockery of his situation is just super shameful, it’s the reason we are so vocal and active in his fight for freedom and justice, and our voices are being heard, the Military court has dropped all charges, basically we were right, yes you chose to be silent, please be silent it’s your right… all those fronting that ridiculous hashtag.. SHAME ON YOU.. I know deep down you know it is wrong, you might find it funny but ITS NOT… to all those who have prayed, fasted, protested and did all they could to see our brother free I say GOD BLESS YOU… We shall overcome. The struggle continues. Well done to the Military Court for the Justice now onto the next one.. we shall overcome that as well,” wrote Salvador.

However, an undeterred Bebe has not backed down despite the criticism and he is set to hold a press briefing on Monday to address the Bobi Wine detention issue.

Bebe and Bobi have never gotten along neither politically nor musically.

While the former was among a group of artists paid to produce president Museveni’s 2016 campaign song dubbed Tubonga naawe , Bobi was busy questioning the government and urging Ugandans to stand up for their rights using his music.

Bobi and Bebe have in the past been involved lash outs that have culminated into full-blown brawls at the Ugandan capital Kampala with each party pointing an accusing finger at the other.